British Prisons

Volunteers Needed


On this site you will see a Directory, this doirectory need to be updated and needs to be populated it contains information including addresses of Job Centres, Housing Benefit Offices and many other useful contacts for prisoners and releases preparing to resettle within their communities. The directory is a way of providing information to ex-offenders who may otherwise need to search in several different places for all the pieces of information that they need.

The directory needs to be kept up-to-date continuously. Researchers are needed to check via the internet that all the data in the directory is up-to-date. Could you help with this work? If so, please contact British Prisons. Research is also needed to create new items to go into the directory, especially with the change of government bringing new policies and ways to access help, for instance, getting back to work.


Do you get a regular newspaper? If so can you let us know if you read any reports about crime and criminal activity where laws have changed so that suddenly make not OK something that was OK before. Laws change fast and many do not realise how they affect every day things (our readers may have been inside prison when the change was publicised). For example, it is now against the law to smoke in works vehicles (I realise that the police do not prioritise the enforcement of this law, so it mostly goes unchecked, but BTG readers are often watched closely. The more information we can offer, the better they will know about recent changes.)